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interlude [L2J] Lineage 2 Blood of PvP


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The launch of the Blood of PvP x200 server will take place on October 27 at 6:00 PM Brazil (-3 GMT).

The launch of the OBT will be held October 20 at 6:00 PM until October 24 at 6:00 PM, Brazil time (-3 GMT)



skill0380_0.png To get started, if you have not already done so:

skill0172_0.png Basic information:

  • Classes are free to transfer (just go to the Class Master).
  • Server time, site and forum - -3 GMT.
  • Auto learn skills.
  • Auto loot except raid boss and grand boss.
  • Wedding able.
  • Chaotic zone on party farm and raid zone.

etc_exp_point_i00_0.png Rates:

  • EXP/SP: x200
  • Adena: x500
  • Drop: x1
  • Spoil: x1
  • Raid Boss: x1
  • Epic RB Drop: x1

Item_6379.jpg Items:

  • Armor grade S: with fully retail status the same is only obtained through coins farm.
  • Weapon grade S: with fully retail status the same is only obtained through coins farm.
  • Jewels boss: with totally retail status the same is obtained through coins farm and coin de boss.
  • Blood of Coruption: adding 5% HP and CP the same is obtained through farm coins.
  • Accessories +100/+300: giving additional p.def and m.def the same can be obtained by farm coins.
  • Shirt: With different status according to each class, the same can be obtained for farm coins and can be evolving by adding a base stats through coins and tournament scroll.

skill0370_0.png Events:

  • TvT (the buffs are not removed, time information use the command .info)
  • Tournament Event (the buffs are not removed, time information use the command .info)
  • Raid Event (replacing the normal Grand Bosses with giant awards. use the command .info)

etc_quest_subclass_reward_i00_0.png Subclasse and Nobless:

  • The subclass does not need a quest. The maximum quantity is 3.
  • Quest Noblesse not! Kill Barakiel and go to the Olympics. 
  • Respawn Noblesse RB = 3 hours (+/- 30 minutes).
  • Noblesse RB increased level to 80.

accessory_crown_i00_0.png Siege:

  • Sieges every week (saturdays and sundays).
  • Sieges in all castles (for now).
  • Registration ends 4 hours before the siege starts.

weapon_the_mace_of_hero_i00_0.png Olympiads:

  • Duration of the Olympics: 18:00 to 00:00 Brazil time (-3 GMT).
  • Period of the Olympiad 1 week.
  • The maximum enchant in the Olympiad is +3.
  • Protection by HWID.
  • Hero weapons can be enchanted (attention, if your hero time runs out, they will be deleted).
  • The rest is retail.

etc_mineral_unique_i03_0.png Augmentation (Life Stone):

  • Top Grade Life Stone is sold in the shop for farm coins.
  • Augmentation giving only base stats. Ex: +1 CON, +1 STR and etc.

etc_scroll_of_enchant_weapon_i03_0.png Enchant max:

  • Safe enchant +3. Failure (blessed scrolls) does not break your item.
  • Weapon +20, Armor +20, Jewelry +20.
  • Balanced chance to enchant.
  • Normal Scroll max enchat is up to +12. Chance to enchant 50%, if you break lose the item.
  • Blessed Scroll max enchant is up to +12. Chance to enchan 75%, if you break back to +0.
  • Crystal Scroll enchant maximum is up to +15, just enchant items from +12. Chance to enchant 70% if it breaks back to +0.
  • Golden Scroll max enchant is up to +20, only enchant items from +15. Chance to enchant 50% if break keeps the enchant.

skill0391_0.png Clan system:

  • All clan penalties are canceled (except for deleting one clan = 10 days).
  • In creation, any clan already wins an item to become full.
  • The maximum number of people in the clan is 40. (Royal and Knight are disabled).
  • You can create an alliance just to have a great clan icon. The maximum number of clans in the alliance is 1.
  • Clan skills affect all members.

skill0385_0.png Resources / Miscellaneous:

  • Exclusive, high quality assembly, worked for months.
  • When a Grand Boss is spawned around the world, all players are warned.
  • GM Shop with grade A items for sale by adena and all consumables. Items grade S only for currencies customs.
  • NPC Buffer with level 1 hotspring debuffs and ability to save profiles and buffs for pets.
  • Slots of buffs set to 36 with duration of 2 hours.
  • Global Gatekeeper takes you to local farms and other.
  • The weight limit was increased 250 times. Also increased inventory slot for 500.
  • Active and quality geodata that will add more comfort to the game.
  • Prize PVP - 10 Blood Amulet and 5 Fire Amulet.
  • The time to use the /unstuck command is 15 seconds.
  • The amount of mana recovery is - 1000.
  • The best protection against programs of all kinds.
  • Hot debug debuffs have been disabled.
  • Invulnerability after teleportation (invulnerability is canceled when launching / attacking / moving / using items) - 5 seconds.
  • Healing abilities released for use in Grand Boss areas.
  • AIOx system enabled on the server, available to buy for event currencies or by VIP Coin.

skill0388_0.png PvP System:

  • PvP on our server got more competitive. The more you kill, the more you have and the more you die, the more you lose.
  • Your PvP points are now transferred if you die to the one who killed you, this was done for greater in-game competitiveness.
  • Monument of top PvP and PK inside the game, with reward for those who kill more within 24 hours.
  • Custom announcement for the top 1 of the ranks pvp and pk.

etc_adena_i00_0.png Server Currency:

  •  Adena - Used to buy Consumables and Clan Hall.
  •  Blood Amulet - Main currency for buying items, dropped in farm zones and raid bosses. 
  •  Fire Amulet - Main currency for buying items, dropped in farm zones and raid bosses.
  •  Event Coin - Currency to buy items, achieved in event and dropped in raid bosses.
  •  Tournament Scroll - Currency to buy items, achieved in the Tournament event and dropped in raid bosses.
  •  Coin of Boss - Currency to buy items, drop in raid bosses.
  •  Vip Coin - Currency for purchase of items, available through donation to the server and dropped into raid boss.
  •  Lucky Box - Lucky box with various amulet items until vip coin, available when the server reaches a number of votes announced in game and through raid boss.

scroll_of_verification_i00_0.png Available Commands:

  • .raidinfo - Opens a window, with information, status and time of the Epic Boss.
  • .menu - Player control panel (enable / disable experience, exchange, invitations, etc.).
  • .tvt - To register for Team vs Team Event.
  • .aio - Exclusive command for AIOx, where you can teleport city and change the color of the name.
  • .deposit - Used to turn adena into gold bar.
  • .withdraw - Used to turn gold bar into adena.
  • .castlemamanger - To register your siege clan.
  • .info - All server information is present on it.
  • .offline - Offline trading.
  • .online - Shows in real time the number of players online.
  • .ranking - Shows the rankings of pvp, pk and clan.
  • .repair - If your character has given a problem.
  • .report - Used to report someone who is using bot, just click on the nick of who you want to report.
  • .secure - Security password for your character.


skillraid_0.png Epic Boss & Raid Boss:

  • Raid bosses available with drops (drops of the same can be conferred in game in the NPC of Raid info).
  • r.png Flame of Splendor Barakiel - 4 hour respawn with random of +/- 4 hours
  • r.png Ketra's Hero Hekaton - 12 hour respawn with random of +/- 8 hours
  • r.png Ketra's Commander Tayr - 12 hour respawn with random of +/- 8 hours
  • r.png Ketra's Chief Brakki - 12 hour respawn with random of +/- 8 hours
  • r.png Varka's Hero Shadith - 12 hour respawn with random of +/- 8 hours
  • r.png Varka's Commander Mos - 12 hour respawn with random of +/- 8 hours
  • r.png Varka's Chief Horus - 12 hour respawn with random of +/- 8 hours




Site: https://l2bop.com/

Forum: https://l2bop.com/forum/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Lineage2BloodofPvP/

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