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[L2J]L2 Maximun


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Start Full  85 Set Morai

All Itens In Game

Enchant Rates

Saff +10 
 Enchant Scrolls 80%

Blessed Scrolls Rate 77%

Ancient Scrolls Rate 60%

Divine Scroll 100%

Augmentation Rates

Life stone lvl 76 - 50%

Mid Life stone lvl 76 - 60%

High grade life stone lvl 76 70%

Top grade life stone lvl 76 80%

Grand Bosses

You need Quest Items as in retail to be able to enter Epic Bosses (Quest Items can be found at GM SHOP)

Baium, Valakas, Anthras = Festival Adena / Divine Enchant Weapon & Armor (100%) S // Jewell

Queen Ant, Orfen = Festival Adena / Divine Enchant Weapon & Armor (100%) B // Jewell 


Tvt/CTF/LastMan/Hitman/ Raid Boss / Treasure Keys

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