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IDA pro help/wireshark developers

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[Image: 220px-Archlord_cover.jpg]

Hello there!

We are a small team from 2009 that we work with Archlord mmorpg serverfiles,tools,hacks and bots.

As we got some  serverfiles that  we have been worked on them a little few months ago(no source,we are working with packets changing on the actual serverfiles and client).

Most features are working(nosieges and combos yet implanted but isnt hard to implant them!)
The serverfiles are episode 2(client episode 1 and episode 2 works fine without errors) and we succeded to get ingame with episode 3 client(new features,new packets so we wanted to use this one to upgrade the serverfiles with new zones,items,etc).
We have been edited few dll`s to succed entring in game but we have few problems in game like:
NPC spawning,monster spawning,deleting items(inventory trash doesnt work).

NPC-doesnt show ingame(wrong packets in client than the serverside)
MOB-doesnt show in game(wrong packets in client than the serverside)
MOUNTS/PETS-doesnt show in game(wrong packets in client than the serverside)

We wanted few enginers with experience in IDA pro,wireshark,wpe pro or other tools that can capture packets and try help us to figure out which packets needs to be replaced from the serverside in the client(important things to be done are monster shown,npc shown and delete option,inventory trash).

The serverfiles are now compacted,we have been earsed unuseful files,and did some modification on them,some restructurations , faster loading and removed black whole from the consoles(causing crashing without any reason).



If you are capable , interested to help the community and you have experience with those programs or other programs that you worked before dont hesitate to contact me!

Thank you very much for your attention,and have a good day dear mates!
Sory for my bad english!

WIKIPEDIA info about the game:


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