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Lineage Ii Hope Is Now Live In Beta!


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Greetings L2Topzone community, I'm here to present to you Lineage II Hope. 


After months of hard work on the server, we are happy to present to you the jewel of our hard work and dedication. Lineage II Hope will take you back in time to the most ideal gaming experience you've ever had in a High Five server. Combining ideas from the most successful servers ever made along with our own ideas makes Lineage II Hope a new amazing experience!

Don't hesitate to join us in our live Beta! No accounts or characters will ever be wiped after the Beta stage so you can rest assured that none of your hard work will ever be in vain.


Server Website: http://lineagehope.wix.com/l2hope (Will change after Beta ends)


Lineage 2 Hope is a high five server and it has the following specifications:


Enchant Rate:

Regular scrolls can only be used until +6, and cannot enchant beyond. However success is 100%.

Blessed Scrolls can enchant up to +20, but enchant success is 10%. (Items enchantment is maintained if the scroll fails)

Crystal Scrolls are dropped from raid bosses and it can go to +20 with a success rate of 100%.




Attribute stones are 100%.

Attribute Crystals are 100%.



Server rates:

Drop rate: x1

Adena Drop rate: x250

Exp rate: x250

Party exp rate: x375

SP rate: x150

Party sp rate: x225

Raid Boss drop rate: x1


Farm Zones:

In lineage 2 hope there is a total of 5 farming zones:

Beginner Zone: This is the first zone that you will encounter and use in order to get to level 40.

Medium Farm Zone: This farm zone will be used to get you to level 60.

Medium Farm Zone 2: This farm zone will get you to level 76.

Party Farm Zone: This zone is slightly harder than the previous zones, and it requires a party of at least 2 to 3 players in order to be able to farm successfully. In this zone you will be able to get to level 85.

Party Farm Zone 2: This zone is the hardest, and most rewarding zone of them all. Decent gear will be required to succeed through this zone and farm well. 


Raid bosses:

In lineage 2 hope, there is a variety of raids that can be farmed for fun:




4)Queen Ant.




and many more!

All of the above raid bosses can be reached through a customized teleporter, and they have a very fast re spawn rate of 10 seconds. 



Player Vs Player is the main focus and the endgame goal of lineage 2 hope.

Of course pvp is open to all players from level 1 to 85, and there are three custom PvP zones that can be used. (Also top farm zones are not safezones so they can be used for PvP as well)

You will enjoy PvP through our very balanced retail high five PvP system.



All items can be farmed inside the game with the exception of 2 custom armors, and weapons which can only be acquired through Game Master event, and through player donations.

However, the armor/weapons do not provide much more extra power than the top high five gear, but end game it can make a difference. 




CTF and TvT are the main two events of Lineage 2 Hope; however, more events will be added in the future.


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