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interlude [L2J] L2Insignia


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Hello and welcome on L2J Insignia, will be a pvp-pve mixed server so we start


Rates: x35 Exp,SP

Item drop x 1

Adena drop x25

Safe +3 

Max +16

All rates are retail, blessed,crystals



Gatekeeper (You pay for teleports)

Npc buffer (Got all buffs except Cov,Summoners) only prophets,Songers,Dancers

Minutes that buffs are staying are: 30 mins

Cov,summons (Retail Like)



No custom items:

S grades will be Obtained with 1 billion Adena and 1 raid token (Weapons S.A)

S weapons without S/A 100kk adena

Armors will be 500kk Adena and only...


No Custom items, just Raid tokens (farmable from raids up to 60 lvl)

The chance of raid tokens to drop will be 100% 



Team vs Team (reward 10kk Adenas)

Gm events will reward with S grade equipment (All types) or scroll 


Subclass - Need quest

Nobless - Need quest


Boosted Adena zone will be all monastery and the drop will be around 1 million - 1,5 milion adena


No Special pvp zones, i guess the high rate zones will be a massive war zone so retail is better as staff decided


Donations will be opened after 1 week of uptime and the list will be

S Grades till +5 

Nothing Else



You can augment your weapon but skill chances to get a skill are 0 so no skills on our server!!! No active no Passives..

Auto learn skills

No auto pickup


Site is under construction


Server is about 60% done 


Planning opening date havent decided yet but it will be arround 2 weeks..


I am open minded for any suggestions also 


Vote reward only for hopzone and you will get a vote coins that you can only buy accesories nothing else


Max subclasses are retail like



For any suggestions just feel free to post...



Will you play? 


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Ofc cause we all love opel .. :P

Good luck my friend. :)

thanks i will update for progresses



TvT top player will get extra 5kk adena

tvt times will be : 8am (lithuanian time) 9 and 10


Mammon Spawn will be announce

Castle Lords will be announced


Olympiad is retail like except Wait time will be instant 

A gm will check everytime olympiad is on cause we wont delete class based games



1st from cat and costs adena 1000

2nd from cat and costs adena 10000

3rd Quest




We got a good core stuff developers to privent bugs so i guess i dont care if someone got problem with the pack project

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Decided not to put raid tokens so S grade will be farmable only for Adenas 

Also removed boosted zone monastery and the S grade items will be in lower price

S/A Weapons 200milion

Non s S Grades 50milion

Armors will be 50milion each part

Also Vote reward will be enabled when we approved on hopzone

Discard items is setted not in use

Offline trade/Craft enabled but after restart they wont be restored

Songs like champion,renewall wont be in buffer same for ressists 

Dances like siren Aqua Guard etc wont be in buffer

The realm that you will on see on login screen will be Carneiar we keep retail realm names

Thats for now 

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Update some grand boss items will be in shop also Bog can be farmable and bought from gm shop

Ancient adenas will be the new currency so catacombs will be a playable place too


we decided to keep S grade items price as it is from the gm shop but weapons will be 100kk armor will be 3kk - 5kk each part

Non S/A Weapons are removed 

SA Weapons will cost 100kk each and adena rate lowered to x20

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Core changes:

Clean up messy codes, fixed some stability issues causing lags, error on nobless quest fixed

Added Grand Boss manager

The only thing remains to servers complete is buffs all will be 30 mins except, renewal,champion,siren and cov that will remain retail like or 5 mins each

Fixed Dance of Shadow issue now works retail like, you get invisible on monsters and when you hit you are visible

Fixed shop prices for S weapons depends of their power 

Duals are 200kk

Bows like shining will be 80 and dragonic will be 100

Dagger 100

Blunt 80

2 Handed 100

Polearm 80



# Full time - a fight + wait (default 10 minutes)
AltOlyBWait = 60
# Waiting for the battle (by default 5 minutes)
AltOlyIWait = 60
the only non retail configuration on oly



Edit: Decided to set teleporting free.. so you wont give adenas for teleport

Open minded for any suggestion and change so post 



how are the current features?

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Added a new protection way to keep l2walker off but i doubt it will work at least is most high performanced than the commons

L2Net protection added by surely all can bypass those protections so we will manually ban bots

Buffs will be 59 mins Except Songs: CHAMPION,RENEWAL    Dances: Siren                   Prophecies: All             OL: Paagrians victory          WC: Cov     that will last 5 mins and Summons: Retail like

Added Geodata

Added Buff slots 24 + 10 debuff slots 

Server is done.. site will be up in 3 days at least so the live date comes fast


Checked all Raidbosses all work all can be killed and accessed

RaidBoss left to check: Scarlet van halisha 


Added Global gate keeper 

(better html than retail, all teleports are free, easy accessible for towns and hunting zones + catacombs necropolis)



TODO- WHEN Live comes up after 1 week we will make a boosted zone: Ketra Orc



We need more opinions more people to post if features are loved ... so please post if you will follow us, play with us, support us

Edited by Akken
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Added Buff slots 24 + 10 debuff slots 

Except Songs: CHAMPION,RENEWAL    Dances: Siren                   Prophecies: All             OL: Paagrians victory          WC: Cov     that will last 5 mins and Summons: Retail like

I think its not good , need 24+4 slots for buffs

Cov , summoner ,champion,renewal add 30 minutes , everyone is used to.

Or add AIO buffer,buffs which will lasts 2 hours



Can use this painel for donation LINK


Give me l2ini for test plz  and tell when open server, i wana play here :)

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its online, and nop we wont change buff time of these buffs since we wanna have all classes playable seriously on clan wars maybe a summoner etc will be on the zone he can offer much since buff slots are not so much he can play too, not just being a bot and server is online www.l2-insignia.l2jfrozen.com , if you can promote us so we get community

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