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interlude [L2OFF]L2Prime


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WebSite: www.l2prime.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/l2primeserver



- L2OFF ILEXT (just the best)

- INTERLUDE XP 25x / Adena 100x

- Anti-Bot (only real players)

- Command .menu to player features

- Protection Respawn

- NO CUSTOM Weapon/Armor

- Global GK / Class Master

- NPC Buffer with Scheme

- Buffs (24 buffs + 12 debuffs)

- Auto Skills

- Augmentation

- Cursed Weapons

- Offline Shop

- Clan fully working

- Enchant retail

- Olympiad 2 weeks

- Castle Siege weekly

- Events (Auto and Manual by Staff)


- Special Shop (in Giran)

Some items can be found in this shop that appears on some days of the week, making the market gets very busy and valued.


- Custom Zones:

ACM / 4 Sepulcher (CHAOTIC) / Elven Fortress


- Rebirth

This is a custom feature to increase the power of the player. No overstatus. Fully balanced.


- Any question?  :D

email: duke@l2prime.com

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