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As the topic title says i am searching for a c4/c6/ct1/ct1.5


Server with


  • Donations but not Overpowered
  • Big Community ~ 250 +
  • from x45 to x200
  • customs
  • Balanced Classes
  • No Corruptions ( of course )
  • Shops Armor/Weapon/Misc
  • Buffer


these are enought ..


PS : post except , l2osiris,dragon-network,l2elite

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Man u can try Lineage 2 forever.




C5 : Oath of blood.


Xp : 35 (but its very easy)


A lot of customs forever weapons , forever armors , platinum armors.


Big community more than 2k ppl online.


It has shops (weapon , misc , armor , unsealer . You need some mats to make your weapon sa).


Balanced classes.




Server has donations the items you can get ig.


Auto learn skills.


Ofc no corruptions.


You can buy/trade custom armors weaps but custom weapons are dropped by mobs in mos and forever armor are dropped in privenal isle. Platinum armors are dropped by other custom bosses.



Site : www.lineage2forever.com



[move]Have Fun![/move]

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