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[GUIDE] ByPass Bake-Ice Step By Step (Works For Interlude) [IG]

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Hey great Guide to botting![glow=yellow,2,300]*****[/glow]

5 Star work. I am actually posting becuase im a little confused on l2walker and was hoping someone on the fourms could icq me at 559252164 Thank you

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my problem is this


02:41:05 - New SOCKS connection for

02:41:06 - Proxy LS connection->Handle

02:41:28 - Removed a SOCKS:LS connection

02:41:28 - Local listen thread exit

02:41:28 - Remote listen thread exit

02:46:24 - New local connection[2106]

02:46:24 - Local LS connection->Handle

02:46:28 - End of Local:LS connection

02:46:28 - New local connection[2106]

02:46:29 - Local GS connection->Add to queue

02:46:29 - Local connection waiting

02:46:35 - Established connection - Remote IP '' Remote Port '2110'

02:46:35 - New SOCKS connection for

02:46:36 - Proxy LS connection->Handle


"02:46:59 - Removed a SOCKS:LS connection

02:46:59 - Local listen thread exit

02:46:59 - Remote listen thread exit" O.O! :(


Server l2off back ice ... login acount good choose pj no stop in server login


Sry my my english i am monkey xd

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  • 2 weeks later...

is there OGG l2w for HB for Dragon network?


never tried.. but why not just use ig... in windowed mode u can run like 7 max gfx windows before you start to get lag.. and you can see if you're bot's being retarded or not...

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Why l2w don't see wepon+SA ?

(ID normal wepon is difrend then wepon+sa and lw2 use normaln wepon but don't use wepon+SA)


any1 can help ?


Chose the weapon with the sa from the drop down menu. If you have a clean and sa weapon both should be listed.

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Hi guys ,


i have the best bot on the dragon network , its totaly invisible for GM  , its simple and good configurated on this serwer


simple instruction :


1 turn on bot klient and wait moment

2 login in to l2 dragon network client

3 login in to l2 bot client and click "login"

4 wait moment ( bot is autoconfigurated thats moment)

5 have fun and lots of exp :)















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