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  1. Not really L2 related... fake or not, it's still an awesome way to do it: http://www.ihatehayley.com/index.php?id=d5d150fa8e0e7e56049fb54361e4ae72 I posted here cuz a lot of ppl visit this thread :p
  2. As you all know, ninja needs you to run the game at 1024x768 windowed full with low graphics settings so that it can read the pixels proper. It also changes some other options.... When I play manually, i have all graphics settings maxed out and way diff controls... i got tired of changing the options every time i want to play or want to bot... so i made 2 system.cfg files.. one good, one for ninja.. and then swapped them in and out.... then i got tired of that too... so i wrote a program in c++ that does it for me. What you need to do: 1. Go in game and set your options how you
  3. The bakeice launcher is the game launcher your interlude or c5 or possibly c4 server is using. As far as i knhow there is no bakeice for HB or gracia. It basically stops walker from working normally. Of course walker folder is the clean one. DN doesn't use bakeice... anymore. So no point in working around something that is not there.
  4. This is why I play retail. Gliding is a natural ability. Since you're playing on an EMU server, well it's all amateur half-assed code. So it doesn't surprise me that gliding is bugged just like everything else on EMU servers. If you play EMU, you're not playing Aion. Period. PS flying and gliding are two different things.... and as many inet posters say: "...your doing it wrong!!!..."
  5. Are you talking retail or the emu server (which is nothing at all like real aion so no real loss)...?
  6. LinK

    [Exploit] PvP

    It's not new. The tip was released way back in one of the betas. Everyone who's not an idiot already has a pvp radar tab.
  7. what crack? nothing is posted here about one? ...
  8. considering it's v0.2, as well as the description/pics... it doesn't seem worth trying yet.
  9. where have you been? There's a lot of working bots...most better than this one.
  10. all bots are designed for official, if they work on emu servers then that's just a pleasant side effect. I honestly don't know how people can stand to play on emu servers. They're nothing at all like real aion.
  11. my ass warez isn't allowed... the whole l2 walker section is based on illegal use of l2w :P I too am much interested in any cracked pay bot software.. feel free to pm me if you don't feel comfortable posting here...
  12. anyone figure out how to make this work on vista?