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[Request] L2 Hacks

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Hi, i would like to know some L2 Hacks. I already know L2 phx but i dont know how to use it and i can't use english version (always error).

So, pzl help. I want to try it. Why not make donations without spend money :P


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Man i am really sorry but i think lineage 2 servers(official and private) have patched everything there is no working hack :S

Maybe it is but those who have it they will not give it to anyone cause will get patched...So the whole situation with hacks sucks :( but if you find something that works post it... personally as i said i do not know nothing....

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lawl that's a whole of bugs/exploits that have never got patched O.o I know a bug since c3 and it never got patched  ;D So.. u just need to stick with us and search for bugs/exploits that work on ur pserver  :P



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