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Looking for custom server

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Hello everyone,


Welcome to our community www.l2integrity.com

L2 Integrity is running on a official, stable, modded Interlude version files (NOT L2J!). our root server provides you entirely safe gameplay without any crashes, wipe,rollbacks at all!


All players will have direct contact anytime they need it.We do a serious job in order to combat the corruption at private servers.


Server Rates:


- Exp:100x

- SP: 100x

- Adena: 170x

- Spoil: 5x

- Official enchant Rate(not something stable)


General Informations :




- Interlude Official Server (NOT l2j)

- No Life Stones.

- Auto-learn skills.

- Integrity Armor (Heavy, Light, Robe)

- Official Raid boss system.

- Full Interlude skills.

- Geodata 100% working.

- NPC Shops.

- Global GK.

- Full Interlude Monsters (with some changes)

- Raid Bosses 100%.

- Interlude Skills 100% working.

- Subclasses (Quest Cost 5kk AA)

- Noblesse (Normal Quest)

- Olympiad fully working!

- Hero System 100%

- Seven signs working 100%

- Clan Halls (Bidding at Forums for NOW)

- Fishing works 100%

- Recommendations 100%

- Sieges 100%

- Normal quest NPC.

- All buffs last 2 hours.

- Prophecies 10 minutes.

- Cat buff 2 minutes.

- AIO buffers Only in towns.

- Siren/Renewal/Champion 5 minutes.

- PvP Integrity AREA.

- Olympiad MAX Weapon/Armor +20.

- 24 buffs slots+6 debuffs


Integrity Armors:

We create a custom armor to give something more that the official items and gameplay.All armors are tested for be sure everything works balanced and give at characters something more that the classic armors.


Integrity jewels:

We create custom jewels with more m.Def than the classic jewels to balanced all the characters that own one integrity armor and set jewels.


Dusk shield,Dusk sword:

Dusk shield give a normal p.def lower than imperial shield but give more def rate as a result to be a little better than the other shields.

Dusk sword is just a custom sword and it has p.attack same as one a grade interlude sword(is just for fun)




Staff informations:

Our staff knows english,greeks,spanish,portugues. We have 24 hours support and we can answer at any question maybe you will have. We have rules and we used to keep them without any exception.


GM List:

(Admin)UnTamed: (language:greek,english)(community manager)(events)

(High-GM)GMWitty: (language:greek,english)(community manager)(events)

(GM-S.Moderator)GMmorfeas: (language:greek)(events)

(GM)GMThanatos: (language:english,spanish,portugues)(translation)


We are expecting all of you to join our server and be convinced about everything we would like to offer you.



    At raid bosses in ketra and varka:

    Ketra's Hero Hekaton

    Ketra's Commander Tayr

    Ketra's Chief Brakki

    Varka's Chief Horus

    Varka's Commander Mos

    Varka's Hero Shadith

    Vanor Chief kandra

    We add to drop weapons S grade random with special ability(4% Drop Rate),all integrity armors parts and integrity jewels and dusk shield(2% Drop Rate).


    At all epic bosses:






    Queen Ant

    We add to drop weapons S grade random with special ability(5-16% Drop Rate), all integrity armors parts and integrity jewels and dusk shield(2.5-8% Drop Rate).




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