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-1 karma? #3


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Finito, are you stupid  or just pretending?


Point me the part where I called u retarded? You banned me for 1 week for that.

I didn't called u retarded. It's known who's the sugi pula boy. Idk, you might consider yourself as a romanian. Are you?

EDIT: Or do u consider yourself retarded?



U deserve to be demoted and raped by afghan terrorists.


Now, go back at the #2 and check the post from your turk asslicking friend.

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Finito (0) CryStaliN (-1) - Abusing karma for personal reasons In topic Today at 07:04:16 am


Asslicking ? (the actual staffers are asslicker,we all know which ones)


When i used to spam here none of you were here so STFU.

Being racist shows how stupid you'r =)))

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