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[L2-DC] Blades of Ateria


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About the server:


Blades Of Ateria is a Free-2-Play Lineage 2 MMORPG Private Server operated by experienced staff and powered by L2DC software.

Our Development Team's website is http://www.l2dcproject.com , server changelogs can be found there.

As Lineage II players ourselves, we got tired of all the buggy servers, most never being updated and with constant server downtimes, wipes and failures.

We Give You this unique opportunity to join this dedicated, fun, longterm and quality Lineage II server!

We update the server frequently and never wipe the server, nor shut it down. Unless the world goes under of course which is highly undoubtful.

We provide a "highly" developed server, by experienced staff.


"Our goal is to have quality, stable and as much as we can bugfree balanced server."




Quick Server Details:




Rates & Enchanting:


|---- RateXp = 15

|---- RateSp = 15

|---- RatePartyXp = 1.5

|---- RatePartySp = 1

|---- RateDropAdena = 15

|---- RateDropSealStone = 2

|---- RateDropItems = 10

|---- RateRaidDropItems = 7

|---- MaxRaidJewelsDropNumber = 1

|---- RateDropSpoil = 12

|---- RateDropManor = 1

|---- RateExtractFish = 5

|---- RateQuestsReward = 2

|---- RateQuestsAdenaReward = 2

|---- RateQuestsRewardXP = 2

|---- RateQuestsRewardSP = 2

|---- RateSiegeGuardsPrice = 7


|---- Safe Enchant : 3

|---- Max Enchant : Unlimited

|---- Enchant Rate : Like retail depending on how much + you got on item





|---- GM-Shop (up to lower S Grade items, Dynasty will be excluded, Shop will fit the server's rates.)

|---- NPC Buffer (2hrs buffs, including pet buffs, dwarf buffs, 3rd class buffs. CC, Dance of Berserker and a few more will be excluded for gaming balance)

|---- Deleveler NPC

|---- .exp Command (to switch exp on/off)

|---- .statistics Command (to check some stats about yourself)

|---- Champion mobs with double stats (But rewards like xp/sp/spoil/drop/Quest Items/Seal stones will be 3x)

|---- Offline stores (Once you press exit, the store will be saved)

|---- Teleport bookmarking

|---- Arena LeaderBoard System

|---- Raid Event Engine

|---- Free Subclass changing (Up to 3 subclasses per character)

|---- Working H5 Quests/NPCs

|---- Full H5 L2DC Geodata

|---- No class customization (unless something is not working as it should be on retail)

|---- Voting reward system

|---- No donations that will ruin the gameplay

|---- Really active support from the staff

|---- Fast bug fixes

|---- Anti-Bot protection (Lameguard's software)



Dedicated Server:


|---- Intel® Core™ i7-920 Quadcore with HT

|---- 24gb DDR3 Ram

|---- S-ata 6gb/s

|---- Fiber optic 100/100

|---- Anti-DDoS protection



"We aim to create a friendly environment, that will get players together, will have tons of pvps, epic sieges, dramatic gatherings and stuff that WE ALL MISS FROM THIS GAME. We know it's really hard to achieve this kind of server but we'll try our best to provide it."


-L2 Blades of Ateria Team


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looking great..

dv working with quests

instances working

dc files arebetter than any other java or rujava out there

they also had a low rate years ago and it was great so theyre a long term administration

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