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L][ Falcon Custom PvP


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The server running in Beta mode.


L2 Falcon

Server Version : Interlude


-Rates: exp/sp 4000x, adena x1 ,spoil x1 ,drop x1, Safe: 7,Max: 25.

-You Can use Shift+click on mobs to see their stats and drops and you can also press .stat command to see players statistics.

-Customized Global Gatekeeper, item shop up to normal S grade, deluxe NPC Buffer (instant buffs), and Luxury Trader.

-Custom 4 tiers of weapons and 3 armor sets (including Kamael armors (custom skill add when you equip weapon) and C2 style God's Blade, Dragon's Tooth and Dual Tears of a Fallen Angel (weapons that also add custom skills to your char when you equip them).

-5 new custom Raidboss Jewels.

-Customized 52 hair accessories that give a variety of bonuses.

-Customized Tattoos each giving a different bonus. (including Dye Tattos and one Relic Tattoo).

-Balanced and painstakingly tweaked classes (yes, even that shilien elder and arcana lord is fun and useful to play).

-Many skills edited including 90% Interlude skills. About 95% of Interlude skills working.

-Custom skills like new summons and Raidboss skills. TK has a new pet. Many gimp classes get new skills to make them fun to play.

PK Protection: 15 pk's, after them you may drop items.

-For every 1000 PvPs / 500 PKs your Name / Title color changes to a different color.

-No Grade Penalty,fast SOE.

-/unstuck is 8 seconds, no need to waste slow SOEs, and you can't spam quick Cp/Hp potions or BSOEs to run away for the PvP.

-Most useless L2 stuff like summons requiring Crystals or buffs requiring Soul ores have been removed. Most of skills don't use mana, and all items have 0 weight.

-Excellent Balanced Olympiad environment - (Heroes set every 2 weeks) Only Normal S Grade gear is useable in Olympiad.

-Variable Enchant rates: Normal scrolls have 75% chance and after +15 the enchant rate falls to 70% and after +20 to 65%.Crystal scrolls have 80% chance until +12 and after +12 the enchant rate falls to 75%, from +16 to +20 65% and then from +21 to +25 60%.The enchant rate of Blessed scrolls is 90% until +15, from +16 to +25 is 85%.

-Edited Custom Raid Bosses that gives to players a high rate of challenges and rewards.

-7 Sub-classes are Available per char.

-Auto TVT, CTF, DM event systems which giving good rewards and Town War Event which only a GM can make it to start.

-Antharas Nest and Gludin are PVP zones.

-Customized Dungeons: Cave of Trials, Forbidden Gateway and Primeval Island (pure combat zone).

-Cursed weapons Zariche and Akamanah add Void Flow and Void Burst attack skills.

-And of course, all the rest of the features of L2 work, such as Noblesses, Heros, Olympiad, Clan skills, Enchant Skills, clan halls, work 100%.

-Extra measures applied to rid of cheaters and exploiters.

-All the shit that you disliked/hated in L2 - have been taken care of!

-And many many more sided server changes on top of default to make this the best server!


Come try it, you won't be disappointed!

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"come try it"


Where? you give us no website, no opening date, no nothing. Also, the features text seems leeched.


Sorry my mistake .


The server open in 3 weeks , but you can join from now , i will not make any wipe.

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"come try it"


Where? you give us no website, no opening date, no nothing. Also, the features text seems leeched.


It is, so is his entire site. His inability to purchase a domain and write his own features, rules and news makes his server look mighty attractive.


3 weeks open and no wipe? Does that make any sense? By the time it's officially 'public' or 'open' the new people that join are gonna have a real hard time (hypothetically speaking that you do get players)

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