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As the title says I'm looking for upcomming or fresh server that offers good H5 files with mid rate's from x10 to x30 ++

Please do not post me Freya, Gracia Final, Interlude servers, I'm looking only for H5 server.

Thank you.

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x12  is opening tomorrow 1th May    18 gmt +2

More informations on the site


High Five ofc

Web site doesnt work.

And there is nothing at forum etc.. someproblems with website?

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I really dont know if there will be a lot people..


But about the forum, i made my account there some days ago and all of the sudden i had to find out they wiped it. And all accounts were deleted..

All we can do is trying it out today and see.. I just found the server interesting..

So who will come, gl and a lot of fun today.


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All i will do is trying it out also..

If i dont like you think i will play?

I just tried to share the server, if someone is interested.

If not then just dont waste ur time , trying it.


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I agree, i dont like the server too..


Big fail and i thought it will be nice.. But for now i will wait for Hektor server..




If u find something else, post pls.  Thx

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Since I'm going to buy a new pc ( i7 , 12 GB ram , etc ) , I would give a try , opening a mid-rate H5 , but for that , I will need to assemble a team of people with experience in order to test all the features.

I'm not that good, but I know enough & besides that , I play Lineage II since C3.

Also , I can ask 007florin for help.

As soon as I finish the website & forum , I will open a thread there , so we can talk.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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