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[L2Off] L2Egaenil


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Rates Information


Chronicle: Interlude

Experience: 55x

Skill Points: 55x

Adena: 200x

Enchant Rate Fighter: 50%

Enchant Rate Mage: 40%


Shopping Area - Giran Castle Town


Basic Informations :

- All new created characters spawn in main town level 20 with TOP D gear with shots for a easier start.

- Delevel Manager.

- Anti Buff Shield ( toggle skill that blocks all unwanted buffs )

- Clan halls to have Custom Gatekeeper and NPC Buffer.

- Offline shopping system.

- Herb System disabled.


Solo Farm Areas - DVC+Heart (61-80),


Subclass System - Star of Destiny in Misc Shop + Mimir's Elixir materials.


Noblesse System - Retail like quest, lunargent and hellfire can be found in GM Shops, Barakiel respawn time 2 hours.


NPC Buffers - 1st, 2nd and 3rd class buffs can be found at the NPC Buffer. Buffs last 2 hours.


GM Shops & Global Gatekeepers - GM Shops up to S grade and Global portal around the world.


Augmentation Information - Retail like and custom Raid Bosses drop.


Siege Information : - Sieges : We will have only 4 Castles opened for sieges ( Goddard / Rune / Giran / Aden ) /  (The Sieges for every castle will be weekly) / The Crown of Lord has 500 HP/CP bonus.


Olympiad Information - Augmentation is allowed in olympiad / Epic jewls are allowed on olympiad / Olympiad enchant limit +6 / Olympiad period : 2 weeks.


Farming Information :

- To add SA on a S grade weapon you need 1 SA crystal.

- To create 1 SA crystal you need 1000 crystal fragments.


Combat Reward System - Each time a player wins a pvp or pk he will get rewarded with an coin that can be exchanged for fun items.


More updates soon as like chaotic zone and much more.

Opening day will be on: 10.04.2012

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those who are trying to recall the interlude l2sublimity serviodr has a similar online so folks who want to go straight to the link account and create self criation time sit this aki who want go and make your downloads gets to play the sit e éh www.la2night.tk communicate information but tk on facebook

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