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Frintezza new server substack 1+1 interlude - hellbound - gracia


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Server started Interlude on September 23, 5pm GMT+0 2011.




Exp: 15x

Sp: 20x

Adena: 15x amount - 90% rate

Quest reward Adena: 10x except repeteables

Quest reward Full Items: 1x

Quest rewards: 1x (fog/it/toi/gc) Rate: 80-100%

Drop/Spoil: 15x rate, item 1x


Substack system 1+1 and 1+1 retail


Substack same race


Armor masteries will not stack


Sub item will be tradeable, will be on some raid bosses at high rate (not 100%), i will try to have this raid boss spawn advertised globally to enforce pvp, or directly on a web page, still need to think how to make it work best.


Sub item will be on an undecided farm area, where solo players can farm exp/adena (low) and sub quest item at very low rate, this will enforce pvp also for solo players


Epic bosses Areas will be pvp zones


AQ / ZAKEN / CORE / ORFEN will have level/stats boosted after first week


Epic Bosses random window will be 0-3hours (3h max camping)


Epic Bosses will be boosted hp/regeneration/pdef/mdef/pattk


Heroes will be every 2 weeks.


Augmentation effects will be lowered for: empower/wildmagic/focus/might


Raidbosses will be boosted after 2 weeks of server start. (lvl: 75+)


Retail buff time + 3 min for dances and songs


Buff slots increased +4


Mana pot with delay


UD heavy 100% light 80% robe 60%


Dualbox allowed, max 2 chars per PC


Profession quests need to be done with normal quests and will be available by donation the first 2 months


Server Timezone GMT +1



* Server will be upgraded to Hellbound after 3 months, after upgrade server will be 20x (will raise rates x5)

* Server will have 85+80 and 85+80 substacks

* Profession quests will be available on shop

* Server will have +6 buff slots

* To players with concerns about attributes, will make stones drop zone. Hellbound points will be 20x or more.

* S80 equipment quests will be a bit boosted.


* Update to Gracia Final can be on discussion after 6 months, but will require some nerfings on some skills/classes to avoid unkillable characters.


Whole idea is to keep good population and have the server online for at least for 12-18 months


Voting rewards will be adjusted every 2 months, reward points will be doubled the firt 10 days of the month




First 2 weeks will be profession quests and C grade shop.

After first month will have B grades and some extras.

After first and a half month will have A grades and some extras

After second month will have S grades and some extras. (After Hellbound Upgrade)

S80 Full items will not be on donation at least the first 6 months.

Donation shop will be adjusted every month to keep server up and running. This is a must to don't let server die.




Any kind of abuse or bug exploitation is not allowed and will give you inmediate ban, this include:




1. Summoning on Epic areas

2. Flying wyvern on Epic areas

3. Abusing any door with any pet

4. Have any skill that don't belong to your substack character (mutant), in this case you need to report inmmd

5. Trash talk the server using any kind of general or hero voice chat, including GM's and Administrators

6. Running any kind of bot/walker/l2net/l2control/l2ranger and others are not allowed




1. Only english is allowed on hero voice/General Chat.

2. Insulting other player on general/hero voice is not allowed.

3. Opening scam shops will be jailed.



Other rules are under Rules link on our main website. Frintezza.com


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