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[Request] PVP - Mid Server Final-H5

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Well, i really bored. All server are for ASS...

I Have try all hopzone... all server corrupts, tanks kill 1 pt, some hard farm, some very easy with ready items.... MPLIAXXXX


That i looking for is:


More than 4-5 Type of farm areas

Possible custom Mobs with custom drops (Mini raid bosses)

not easy server, but not very hard ( like some servers were easy area need TOP Elegia +20 to kill 1 mob, i want normal farming)

100+ ppl


No that sh1t GK i see in most servers (with just 1 custom button for farm areas and only 2-3 farm areas)

No OP Tanks ( tanks are OP from official i know that, i understand tank can kill in 1 vs 1 , but i dont like to see tank with "dager pvp weapon "cancel" " to kill 3-4 ppl and still allive)

I DONT WANT SERVER WERE FIGHTERS HAVE MORE SPEED THAN MAGES ( example: tartagalia, were tanks have to much speed, [yea ok tartagalia is fail and full corrupt] )


Possible LV 7 Attribute

Server must not be in 1st page in HopZone, ( i prefer server not from hopzone)


I Want server were dagers dont make 500 dmg with backstb ( and tanks make 2k with critical, and critical rate is 500) ... yea im really angry with tanks ... because some server to much OP


I DONT WANT Stiuped clases debuffs to land 100% and others 0% ( example fear/cancel by official land rate is high and tank shackle/others sh1ts are low) but the truth is this dont happen, in most servers fear/cancel never land ... and tank shackle land 1/3 ...


No Boss Jewl in GMShop

Boss jewl from special bosses, or custom shop ( a little hard)


ATM This, after if i want smthing more i write...


BLACKLIST (Please before post your server please check this one, all those server checked and are just fail... nothing more )

Era of Hazard,Bad Blood,L2Inception,Demonic PVP Style,The17Heroes,Tibet,

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