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Apanthste M Plz!!!!

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loipon pedia ekana download to interlurde newbies pack, to mysql ,jdkjava,navicat ta aposumpiesa kai ekana oti elege to parakatw tread

(http://www.maxcheaters.com/forum/index.php?topic=15069.0)    epeita patisa start.bat opou me ebgale sta proka8orismena sites den eftiaksa account dioti mporeis na baleis admin/admin epeita patisa RegisterGameServer.sto opoio molis to ekana ektelesi den m ebgale to arxeiaki(server1).txt epeita patisa startloginserver sto opoio den paei mexri to telos opws anagrafei to site stis eikones(http://www.maxcheaters.com/forum/index.php?topic=15069.0)paei mexri ekei p leei(selector started) meta patisa startgameserver kai molis patisa to startgameserver m bgazei ta e3hs


( java.net.conectException:conect refused:conect

INFO connecting to login on 227.0.....

INFO deconnected from login ,trying to reconnect )


eipa pws den einai tpt...(lol) patisa to l2.exe bazw admin/admin kai den mpenei  gt?  sas parakalw apanthste m kapios! 2 bdomades to paleuo kai exw dei apeira guides (alberto_kk15@hotmail.com to msn m) apanthste m sto tread i add me sto msn plz! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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