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I want to sell character Doombringer 85lvl (Nobless) Subclass Soul breaker 78lvl/Trickster78lvl/Judicator79lvl 10% to 80lvl

i have on the character equipment:

Cloak of Greenery,

+6 Vesper Nagan+Health 300 element,

+4 Laevateinn 150 Dark (in wh is 12 blue for focus this weapon is to judicator)

+4 Zaken's Earring,

+3 Frintezza's Necklace,

+5 Ring Of Queen Ant,

+2 Oly Jewelry (olympiad warrior) i have point for next oly jewelry OR 2 TTS Ring and Earring

Dynasty Set [PvP] full elements (Water,Wind,Earth,Fire,Holy)(120) and enchant +4/+4/+4/+4/+4+Holy Spirit Cloak,

Draconic [PvP] Set full dark element (60) enchant +4/+3/+3/+3

Majestic LA set [PvP] enchant +4/+3/+3/+3

Dark Crystal LA  set

Blue Wolf LA set

+4 Mithril Shirt - CP,

+3Low-Grade Magic Pouch Mithril Belt,

Mithril Bracelet

other weapon who have argument (Celestial shield/Refresh/Resurrection/Unlock/Blessed Body/Blessed Soul/Trick/Empower/Vampiric Rage/Focus)

A lot of talismans (Divine/Max Clariti,etc)

Assassin's Bamboo hat and Straw hat

on character is 700kk of money

Character have loaded Skills:

-Protection Of Rune

-Protection Of Elemental

-Protection Of Alignment

Skill Enchant for 2 class


and other skill which you must to use on pvp or pve enchant from 9 to 22

Skill Enchant for 3 class

-9-15 all


pm for more info and contact


interested me  euro €/ dolars $




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    • Mmm but i have everything in the client, item and correct grade, effect,etc. Works but you need press te SS when pj is attack to activate... What define the action of click secundary ? 
    • requires client side modding
    • Long time no see 🙂 !   Rejoin fee deletion   Since 21th October 2022, the "rejoin fee" concept has been deleted. The initial fee is still 100€, and you still have to pay monthly to get access. If you lose access and want access back, pay 10€ minimum. I reserve the right to refuse you access if you abuse the system.   PTS is refreshed with feature/IU-update branch for a short time being !   This branch adds a unique way to refresh Pet and Player inventories, supposingly fixing any type of bad uses of InventoryUpdate packet, queuing changes and sending them after a short delay (333ms actually).   Pet and Players also hold one unique packet per entity, avoiding the generation of thousands and thousands of packets. Finally, "lazy" uses of ItemList are dumped (crystallization and wherever places "complex" operations regarding inventory update was done and L2J decided to lazyfix it with a ItemList send), and ItemInstance doesn't hold anymore ItemState. All changes are automatically done and sent.   Up to Sunday 12th Feb, reported issues regarding inventory management will reward you x2 more cookies (4-20 cookies max instead of regular 2-10 cookies), depending about issue severity. The branch will then be shortly commited into master branch.   Triskl, when next rev plx man ?   It's not because there is currently no "public" revision, there is no work done in background. We're currently at commit 2832, which is 162 commits above current release.   For the changeset lovers (and I know there are), the next revision is currently 77 lines long (and obviously more with the introduction of InventoryUpdate rework).   Happy candlemas !
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