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  1. wts 100k adena for 50$ , soon will have 200k on stock offer me on messages Update . SOLD all
  2. Good seller, he is cheap and fast.. Got from him some adena and a set, cheap and nice. 10/10 well spent 30 euros
  3. hellbound was the fucking best chronicle, but i don't think you are going to be lucky with the files, i haven't played a normal hellbound server for years... Last time i met one it was bugged as fuck.also opening a lowrate at the time rpgclub is going to open a new server is not a good idea :P Good luck anyw
  4. wts vesper cutter wts sws 8X + 2 subs PM me for offer/infos here I can use both paysafe and paypal for the money..
  5. Pretty much everything you need, Adena price 0.35 / m (maybe discount for big ammounts) You can pay with paysafe and paypal . Pm here for infos( what items you need and how much u will to pay) or give me skype id...
  6. okay server is going to open in 5 minutes, WIPED. Cu on for some pvps
  7. really man , there was more fun the first 1 day with all men trying to farm than the other 2-3 days, also we killed some rb's and its not fair for the new players. everyone will be pked.
  8. only ur clan doesnt want wipe... Wipe plz :)
  9. Server is just perfect..and ofc, it got ddos attack ....Lets see what gonna happen