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  1. Hi, i am interested in trying L2Phx in some servers, but i don't know how to really work it. So i am requesting if someone would like to create a guide on how to get items using L2Phx. It doesn't have to be super detailed but good enough to understand. Also if you know some servers this works on pleae include. Thanks :)
  2. Does anyone have a guide of how to work L2PHX, and what servers it works on?
  3. Hi, im from servers like L2-paradise, Supreme-L2, and i just left Dragonians from there server problems. I am looking for a server that has a decent amount of people has good pvp, not too high rates, some exploits (i like to play dirty :) ) , and i really don't care what chronicle it is as long as it is not L2J. Thanks and please suggest good servers.
  4. oh if you didn't know L2 Exodus is L2 Paradise reborn
  5. i didnt vote any cause i think it should be a 15x or around there
  6. the game closes the patch, so before you verify quickly start the patch then quickly click verify.