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  1. I suposes that you wants know something about SQL injections. The duping can be released with a lot methods. If the server is not protected against this, you can find a lot things to do in that server in this place. Good Luck.-
  2. That´s because the server is fixed. But you can buy only craft items for money, to sale that items to other players more expensive.-
  3. I wants supose that hlapex or l2phx are not working in that server, because if the answer is yes, is working, there is no sense in find other sniffer. But, if is not working, you can find in google a sniffer with decoders included. I was proving one a time ago (i don´t remember the name) that had a decoder to be used in the l2 packets. Google is the light in the tunel.-
  4. I can´t understand one thing: why not macros? With macros you don´t needs a lor function keys.-
  5. I can´t understand what are you needing. Can you be more clear?
  6. A lot servers are not banning ip, because some places, like little towns or cibers have an ip in common.-
  7. What is a platinum member? How can i be one?
  8. I have the walker og and ig for this server. I´m trying to find exploits or scripts to use here. Thanks.-
  9. The system message that appears when you enter to the game with the l2phx, means that the server is protected against the l2phx. You must find other things for that server. Good Luck.-
  10. Good trick, i´ll prove this in the server where i plays right now. Thanks.-
  11. That´s a donation. The idea is find scripts or exploits.-
  12. Hello NitrouS. This program is just a multiwindow? Or have other features? And congrats for your work here, Good luck.-
  13. Please, can somebody tell me if this is working now?, or is an old exploit fixed now? Thanks.-
  14. I don´t understand one thing: if the script was maded to sale and buy, WHERE IS THE TRICK? Because if i buys something, and later, i sales that, the npc will give me less money. Can somebody explain me the trick? Thanks.-
  15. If you are trying to find something for that server, i suposes that you plays in that server. So, if you can tell me what things you was proving there, i´ll know what other things must prove. Good luck.-