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  1. vc vai ? na pista..Advertise your own server,or your friend's one here
  2. sei bugs de encantes 100% chance! quiser entre em contato...
  3. hm...ok... and sorry for put topic here... i dont knew that exist sections for it..=( thx guys... but ur can tell me one topic that show some bug for interlude servers?
  4. I want some help for correct use of L2PHX how i can use scripts?? and why all time that i use for something "Gm kicked for illegal form" so the program is like a nothing? that not work????? i pray for any1 help me!!!!! :'(
  5. hey man u can tell me how i can use the scripts in L2phx 3.18??? and everything that i use some codes "Gm kicked for illegal form" why????if is a new program??? u can see if work for me? my server is www.avenger.com.br
  6. guys ur can give me the link for download of the L2phx 3.18 pls
  7. how this work? anyone can tell me more about this?[:D]
  8. hm... i want do download of the L2phx how i can do it?
  9. how i can give this if i don't have any post... >.< lol...but thats ok i know that are for good job of forum!