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  1. Hi to all! I go direct to the subject: I have 2 servers and would like to know as to place the two servers to use the same login server… that is with same acc it could have access to the ones of the worlds. if they to know of one link that it teaches to make this process sends me please. or if they will be able to explain me as it functions I will be very grateful
  2. Hi to all! I found an article here in the explained forum as add adena in char. I tried to make with another one procedure that I found. more it is generating an error…. could speak to me where is the error? I go to post scripts to facilitate. precedure: lin_BetaAddItem set ANSI_NULLS ON set QUOTED_IDENTIFIER ON GO /****** Object: Stored Procedure dbo.lin_BetaAddItem Script Date: 2003-09-20 ?? 11:51:56 ******/ ALTER PROCEDURE [dbo].[lin_BetaAddItem] ( @char_id int, @Item_type int, @amount int ) AS SET NOCOUNT ON DECLARE @tempRowCount INT