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  1. Yes, as i wrote above, when i create a npc type L2Casino, a message appears saying "Target couldn't be find", but if i set the type to L2Merchant, L2Teleport, L2Npc, or any other, then it spawns.
  2. Hi, i'm adding some patches to a pack, and when i add them they seem to fit perfectly, but my problem is inGame. For example, i tried to install the Casino mod, after adding it the core, i created a new npc, type L2Casino, because of this: public L2CasinoInstance(int objectId, L2NpcTemplate template But when i try to spawn the npc, i got an error message saying the NPC couldn't be find. I tried with a Hitman event too, but seems to be the same problem, i set the npc type to L2PKManager, and the NPC doesn't spawn, but if i set the Npc type to L2Merchant, L2Npc and such; the
  3. Liona is a project yet, we can't say how it will be, but we are taking all the suggestions we get from players and friends, same like you, there out is a clan asking for a 1+1 stucksub server, some other ask for a x10 base+3, and some others x500 no custom base+0, but we will think about it slowly when we finish zephir server because we are adding some more stuff :)
  4. Interlude Good day to everyone, today i will present my server, an interlude FUN SUBSTUCK server, reacently opened [Opening day was this Monday 11st]. We offer a fun stay and nice pvps, enought long and worthfull ofc. Lineage ][ Ties of BlooD Zephir Server [substuck] General Info Exp ::: x5000 Sp ::: x5000 Adena ::: x5000 Drop ::: x1 Max. Atk. Speed ::: 2000 Max. Cast. Speed ::: 2500 Main + 5 [stuckSub] Enchant Rates Safe ::: 5 Max ::: 20 Enchant Rate ::: 80% Blessed Enchant Rate ::: 95% Crystal Enchant Rate ::: 100% [only on events]