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  1. First Hello all , we buy/sell daily lots of cards - list below...* Full list of gift cards *If you have/need anything - ask for rate by chat. [we use and reply fast by whatsapp/telegram - details below]Amazon, target, walmart, gobank,best buy, nike, nordstrom,amex, macy´s, ebay, lowe´s, itunes, apple store,gamestop, onevanilla, google play, Razer gold,walmart visa, target visa, steam,playstation, offgamers.com, sephora, home depot, walmart moneycard, all times of american express cards.*Also we buy every day lots of Bitcoins, Litecoins and Etherum - Payment by bank (naira) , alipay, mobile mon
  2. Hello dear forum Members/Friends!I was away from forums long time, Im back here and new serious clients always welcome!I have long trading history to show you - im not here for time wasting!Here are gift cards list I buy/sell every day:Amazon / Itunes / Steam / Googleplay / Target / Walmart / Ebay / Macy´s / Nordstrom / Sephora / Nike / Best buy / Apple store / Gamestop / Neosurf / PSN / Offgamers / Home depot / hotels.com+ prepaid/gift cards like Amex / Onevanilla / Gobank / Greendot / Moneypak / Walmart moneycard, Walmart visa, Target visa --- Only unregistered cards!Also we buy an
  3. Hello Dont have posted long time on forums but starting again to get new clients and increase my volume . Gift cards we buy and sell list: Amazon gift card Ebay gift card Walmart gift card Target gift card hotels.com gift card Onevanilla Gobank Sephora Best buy gift card Google play gift card Nordstorm gift card Home depot gift card Steam Greendot Apple store Neiman Marcus American express Foot locker gift card Also we buy and sell bitcoins for bank , alipay, wu , mg , mobile money! For more info and better talk my contact details:
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  5. HeyWe buy and sell daily alot of different cards - gift cards , prepaid cards - if you have debit/credit cards and wanna use then you can add me , maybe you can buy some gift cards for me and I give you bitcoin or any other payment you looking.Accepted most cards like itunes, amazon, ebay, walmart, target, best buy, onevanilla, moneypak, gobank, amex, home depot, macys, neosurf, paysafecard ... and much more. We are a group of peoples from different countrys so we can do bank transfers and wu/mg tho over world.fast contact for better talk icq: 698619486 skype: curexineurope WHATSAPP: +3725
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  7. Hello We buy & sell gift cards every day - good volume daily - working every day, on weekend, holidays... - good rates fo big volume buyers/seller - you will love the rates & work with me ! Payments what we receive and how we complete transfers are bitcoin-litecoin-alipay-webmoney-perfect money-western union. Gift cards list we buy and sell: Amazon gift card Ebay gift card Walmart gift card Target gift card hotels.com gift card home depot gift card Onevanilla Gobank Best buy gift card Google play gift card Vanilla visa prepaid Vanilla r
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