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  1. Hello Mxc , I have Anti Target Script and i Must write Russian letters in the Party chat to Activate Anti Target But How i can ? Write Russian Letter in Party channel So i have made My Keyboard in Russian but its still no write Russian Letters :-[
  2. Gia sas Padia ,exo ena problima exo to phx kai ena Anti target script Afto to Antitarget prepi na to kanis activivate ama grapsis t+ sta russika,lipon evala to Keyboard m sta russika ,kai den mporo n a grafo Russika mesa sto l2 Kai tora ti na kano ?
  3. file oreos :) ,Nice Topic ,kane hit gia 500 posts
  4. i know this Trick ;) Btw I see you at L2 Core :D
  5. Hi guys ,i have the Anti target script in phx ,but i dont know how to use it ??? , Plss say me how to use it ,thanks
  6. Hi Guys ,yesterday i Enchantet with the Warehouse bug ,But Today In the Gmae the tell me : You Are Not allowed to enchant near the warehouse , Anyone know a another way to enchant my items with phx ? except warehouse pls help ???
  7. yes i can http://l2vitality.eu/interlude/ here is the Gm server
  8. ok well,i have founda class manager and i ahve now skills ,but i dont have all passive skills ... how can i made passive skills ?