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  1. Never mind, I found that L2J server runs again! https://l2jserver.com/ But if you have anything better, don't be afraid to share. Thanks!
  2. Hey guys, it has been a long time since I played L2 H5. I would like to create server of my own, but I remember it was always hard to find some L2 server pack which was not too buggy. Does anyone here happen to have L2j server H5 files which would allow me to create the server of my own so I could play with my friend. Just 4 fun. No profit or anything. Thank you in advance! :)
  3. Well I am asking ppl for sharing their modified files. :D btw. your answer didn't helped me at all. :(
  4. Hello guys, I was wondering if some of you had customized .xml files without spellbooks and amulets. It is an annoying drop on server where you have autolearn skills. Thank you!
  5. Very nice! btw. How to spawn those attackable UI's?:))
  6. Unfortunately I can't get through all those advertisements and it won't give me the download file. :(