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  1. WTS Adena: 35e/1b - Out of stock atm! Frintezza Soul Necklace - 120 € Payment in advance through paypal (sent as gift). Made several successful trades here on mxc & consider myself trusted. PM me here for my skype!
  2. WTS some leftover adena. Payment through paypal as gift (you pay any fees) Contact here or on skype: Jason.giovanni1
  3. Hey, For sale is now the following: Frintezza Soul Necklace Blessed Amaranthine Slasher +4 +300 +Haste Hunter Talisman Eternal Heavy Set +43333 3x120 Seraph Light Set Contact me through here or on skype: jason.giovanni1 Payment before delivery (paypal or adena) Previous WTS thread: http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/179066-wts-1b40e-core/?do=findComment&comment=2366258 Cheers