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    I Love You = ))
  1. Hi everybody. I have some problem at class manager. I don't know how spawn class manager in my L2 OFF :X Plz Help Me and Sorry For My Bed English = ))
  2. Plz Help Me ! I do not know how i can change characters name
  3. do u want to know what is pasw ? :) i have now Password = ****** :) i cant write :) pasw here but i have in LoginServer.Ini :)
  4. dude i have deleted it :) when i was posting it here :)
  5. dude i will give u pasw and.. in pm and can u edit and repm me edited? plz
  6. # --------------------------------------------------------------------------- # Login Server Settings # --------------------------------------------------------------------------- # This is the server configuration file. Here you can set up the connection information for your server. # This was written with the assumption that you are behind a router. # Dumbed Down Definitions... # LAN (LOCAL area network) - typically consists of computers connected to the same router as you. # WAN (WIDE area network) - typically consists of computers OUTSIDE of your router (ie. the internet). # x.x.x.x - Form
  7. Hi All, I have some problems with reg server I have New rev of L2Spartan. U Can See Screen : Plz Help Me And Sorry For My Bad English