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  1. 27010001000000AC230110011A0000010000000200000000000800000000000000 - Valakas Neckles 1F20140000010000009C1E000001000000 - Santa Hats 1F2014000001000000001A000001000000 - Antharas Earring have Fun!!
  2. Can someone explain it in bether english pls? :oops: u speak good english but i still don't understand some thing's its like this u need to have ur base class to lvl 78 on chane to ur 3rd class them u done that u need to go to 1 of the guilds master and add a sub class when u have ur sub class change to it. ok u are in ur sub class lvl 40 now u need to talk to the grand master again and press cancel sub class the u need to select a romdon 1 but be4 u change to the new sub class u will need to restart the game be4 it change and DONE! u have ur first sub class Skill.
  3. it does work but when i restart the game i go back to jail :S:S
  4. well this is somethign that im trynt to find out
  5. these script are only for C4 or for C5 and C4 cuz the INviz 1 only works on C4
  6. well i think there is a problem u haave some little face in the script u need to fix that