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  1. Server is far from being great. Server was live for ~5 hours and i already saw ppl with +28 skills, even though u can only get 1 gcm from events. 1 person was already in Vesper gear, yet to obtain it, you must craft it. Events also give currency which you cant exchange for nothing. Farm mobs suppose to drop blesseds, but i farmed for 1h and got nothing, however some ppl linked their 100+ blessed scrolls. I addition, i found 3 Tiats in Obelisk of Victory, so i dont know if they were there, because admin forgot to clean up his random spawns or there are even more hidden mobs for "certain" people to find out. So for me server sounds very suspicious.
  2. All bot programs working, l2j and probably will die from ddos. I think it`s a huge time waste.
  3. We get it SunBeam... you dont have to keep posting on every new High Five thread that you don`t like the chronicle. Although the thing ruined the server for me is that you say it`s not a star wars server, yet your max enchants are enormous. For me best balance is with +6 - +10 max enchants. Not to even talk about custom items. Certain No for them.
  4. How old the EP server is if i may ask?
  5. Then go play retail if you want to play SH with retail values. You just want to kill everyone with 5k,5k,5k and then think im the best Sh evaaahh!! I`m sorry but things dont work like that.
  6. Nod always thinks l2.exe is a virus, so when you download the system you have to disable it until it has finished downloading.
  7. Farm mobs give me 40 damage lol, doesnt feel like an rb to me. Second it has many ppl online and new ones are coming and coming, you dont see them because getting vesper is easy as hell and you think only old ones got vesper. Server is awesome and worth playing.
  8. Just lol picture, look at your buffs maybe? Magnus and 2 zerks and you cry over so big damage.
  9. Ok thats cool, I hope it wont cause any laggs :)
  10. Features are cool, but that HP status, what to you mean by that exactly? Will it show 5000/5000 hp or like on mobs a red line ? I think red line is ok but if it will show exact HP then i dont like it.
  11. Maybe add some element resists on armors, because daggers are in most servers strong at start.
  12. Mages damage depend on level and those mobs are lvl 86, while you are 79, ofc your damage sucks then. You rush into so small things too soon i think, also mages dont have to be good debuffers/tankers/damage dealers, those mobs are meant for party groups, so get a healer friend and kill them lol. Titan in the other hand have buffs to tank and damage much so i dont see a big problem here at all. And what does the fact i have 11 posts have to do with anything? It makes me a less person? I defend a server if i think its right. What can one admin do against so many people who only cry about my class is so weak i cant kill no one, wää wää T_T, im pretty sure they got better things to do.
  13. Seriously lol, dude maybe you should think everything trough before you make this post. Mages can kill mobs in PI with few shots, so fast icarus weapons for you, not so fast for fighters. Also most classes cant solo Soda mobs, but mages can, unless you`re lvl 61 and think u can kill all mobs and go fast to the top. You have more skills than Surrender to <Element> or curse gloom and some nuke skills, ofc you are going to fail like this. I`ve seen many mages killing the Soda mobs with fear so i think you are just to lazy to think. PS what the hell, why website and server are down?
  14. You maybe should use a different web browser or a proxy server?