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    L2 Korim Coming Soon---I wanna be Uploader!!
  1. seems interesting i will might check it out on the open beta, if i like it i will play there
  2. Easy pvp Server only for fun Starting zone: Elven Village Enchantment is retail safe= +3 max = ????? rates= retail you start with 1 billion adenas 2 custom zones Adena (MoS) drops 5kk Lifestones(Imperial Tomb) Skill chance 100% Augment Stucks Instant lvl 80 and when subclass level 80 too Buffs 50 Debuffs 10 GMshop till s grade no custom items Website: Tommorow will be posted
  3. re c asxoloume me l2 k o 8eios m pire pc gia ayton tn logo epidi vgike t FB prota dn iksere ti ine pc exi kolisi k m tn kolofarma pire pazi k oli tn oikogenia svarna k tr gia ekinoun ola t alla ine Mlakkies k mono t Facebook ine o 8eos oti allo kanis ine mlkia me vlepane p pernousa codes sto eclipse k m kani t mlkies ine pali aytes mpes FB kai farma n peksis Les k ine kana new pexnidi.. entometaksi ine pokemon k m zwa ppfffff
  4. heard good opinion pm me for my msn and i buy this pack for sure i premium archid? got l2jkiller fix ? from phx is good?
  5. ok sry my bad dont eat me BTW I joined Now in server i take back my opinion Server Rocks... y fixed many things
  6. LoL How they are supposed to know their IP omfg just try another Way Maybe someone can trick y with this way how y know who is the real winner i bet y do it only for votes...BTW Is nice as server but too many Mikro m Pony and pokemon Anyway for this Gameplay balance Seeems GooD
  7. + fwnw k esi anikse tn l2 spike mn gini tis -beep- :P
  8. so? they are not serious example 17Heroes or l2 dubai the only serious there is raidfight :x
  9. apo pote t robot proxorane t l2? e pes mas dn ipa n mn ginete endiaferon alla oxi k star wars omg
  10. y eukola dn kserw omws ama fix t attacker xD pantws ine eukolo na t fix
  11. gia emena top itane i l2jinfinity k t pack m s ekinin stirizete apla exoume perasi polla codes k fixarame bugs
  12. mas douleuis etc? java codes kseris n pernas? pare p s lew l2jbrasil dieukolinese :) tecpa kane oti 8es an 8es brasil svn here: http://svn6.assembla.com/svn/L2j-Brasil/TrunK/
  13. http://svn.l2jfree.com/svn/l2j-free/archive/IL/ kseradia kseris apla dn kani update t interlude k pali filos gt xrisimopiis l2jfree pare l2jbrasil