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  1. Hello, i need help Server eternal sin have new patch.. i now mi l2w dont work.. i need Set.ini and Options.ini .. plz Help me i need really help... Page server it http://www.es-l2.com ... PD: Help me :D.. i need play server :p, thx all.
  2. Man, now dont working... plz send again set.ini and options.ini for work l2w... i like server i need l2 walker plz help me
  3. Man, now dont work ... plz send again set.ini and options.ini for work my l2w... i like its server .. i need walker... plz help me
  4. man.. i dont work now ... plz send set.ini and options.ini ... i need for botting :P i like its server :P
  5. I need help for l2walker eternal server... I need only Set.Ini and Options.ini ... page server eternal is http://www.es-l2.com/.. plz help me... other question my email is alexander.wladimir@gmail.com ;) thx.. Help me