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  1. Hi, 1) Added some delay between actions so it will be sure to open and select each option. If they are too much, you can lower them later on to make it faster. Code below; var item:tl2item; begin while true do begin delay(1000); if not inventory.user.byid(49684, item) or (item.count<10000) then begin Engine.SetTarget(35453); delay(1000); Engine.DlgOpen; delay(1000); Engine.DlgSel (3); Delay(1000); Engine.DlgSel(4); Delay(1000); Engine.NPCExchange(49684,1); Print('OK'); Delay(36000000); end; end; end. 2) As I see, this command (Engine.NPCExchange) is for ex
  2. Hello, Does anyone know how to detect if char have any skill to learn (by checking the skill list from NPC and comparing to a list of skills ID to be learnt or something like that) and then proceed to learn skills if SP>required for new skill? I know its possible, but I cant figure out how to identify the new skills from the learn skill list, also not if the SP ammount needed is available (so it doesnt keep on loop if not enough SP). Atm I'm using something like this: if user.inrange(143966, 24193, -2120, 150) and (user.classID = 34) and (user.
  3. Any idea for a workaround? Ive been hours already thinking of it. Maybe something to identify dialog position and inject click/selection to it?
  4. TY Adr, 1. I managed how to find OID and I'm posting here if someone need what I made (its to unequip both rings with same ID, just change the ID in the script, you can change it to any kind of item, just need to adapt it): function UseRingOID(showInfo: boolean = true): integer; var item: TL2Item; i : integer; a: integer; b: integer; ringA: integer; ringB: integer; begin for i:=0 to Inventory.User.Count-1 do begin if (Inventory.User.Items(i).Equipped) then begin Result := Inventory.User.Items(i).OID; if
  5. Hello adr.bot and everyone, I have been using adrenalin quite long already, and have been making my own scripts with simple language. Atm I have a few questions from scripting that im facing atm on my own: 1- How to equip different jewels for each slot? For instance, if I use the command below it will equip and unequip the same jewel: Inventory.user.ById(12325, item); Engine.UseItem(item); Inventory.user.ById(12325, item); Engine.UseItem(item); I wanna equip one earring on each slot or substitute the earring that i
  6. Fast transaction, everything went ok top +1
  7. Hello, My question is very simple, I made myself a script to auto buy things from NPC and it works 100% on HIGH FIVE, but now I tried using on GF and it does everything ok, but when it tries to finish buying, it does nothing. It seems this command isnt working on GF: Engine.NPCTrade(false,[1060, 50]); Can someone help me? I tried with other items and NPC's and it doesnt work. Do anyone knows a similar command or help me how to make it work on GF?
  8. +1 Good seller. Fast, smooth and good prices.
  9. I'm still getting this error after 3~5 seconds I start botting, it closes game client and appear this box: I tryied using compatibility mode, running as administrator, tested with full screen, window mode. I even tested with different kinds of windows display (Classical 98, Windows XP and Windows Vista Standart) The only difference using the compatibility mode is that I do not get the message, but the client still closes. I think its some kind of client protection. I read the whole thread and notice that 3~4 guys are getting the same error as me. Any news about fixin