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  1. Being detected by GG isn't enough to get banned. They require GM confirmation. (But being detected by GG will likely alert the GMs to your cheating ways.) Angry? I love frivolous arguments. Why would an L2.Net user be considered a Walkerlover? That's low. :< I'm always right. While I've got your attention, I have a quick question: How safe is L2Walker OOG compared to L2.Net OOG.
  2. Who's the one acting all high and mighty now? Gotta love hypocrisy.
  3. I think your sarcasm detector is broken.
  4. What's so unbelievable about someone having an agenda? Thank you Captain Obvious. I don't realize that point was even under debate. Actually, I did notice. And I'm very glad that they're taking some time to work on that autofighter even though it goes against their fundamental philosophy of, 'script everything.' But, out of the box, Walker is still more robust. As you so keenly pointed out, scripts can improve the function of the autofighter, but I was comparing the OOB autofighter functionality. Who's mpj?
  5. Seems to defeat the purpose, eh?
  6. Aw, that's cute. Take your face and cradle it in your palm. I didn't say the program was confusing or difficult to use. I have nothing against L2.Net. I use it when I need to. It's scripting is unparalleled (especially by Walker's joke of a scripting language--do you even know how to script killik?) in the botting world. Unfortunately, that doesn't make its autofighter settings better then they are.
  7. We all know that's why you posted this. No it doesn't. It means that's what it *might* be doing, but that output doesn't automagically mean that (although it's a fairly safe guess that's why that string is there). And I'm going to guess that GG has been using string detection for years since it's a common form of detection and yet Walker still runs rampant. Clearly, NCSoft doesn't care. Righty-o. I'll remember that next time L2.Net hangs up on a rock for 16 hours. Did I ever mention scripting?
  8. Hooray! Now we know that GameGuard is aware that there's a program named L2Walker out there in the world! Doesn't mean that GG's detection is any good or that NCSoft even cares. Let me know when L2.Net's auto-settings are on par with Walker. :3
  9. Got it working, but I still get disconnected after join. Maybe enter world packet is out of date?
  10. Wrong. L2Walker has had z-limiting for years. Since I still play Retail (lawl t_t), I have to rely on L2Walker's OOG because it handles GG better than L2.NET if I recall. Also, L2Walker's autoattack setup is much more comprehensive than L2.NET's at the moment, but I hear they are working on that (collision, looting, etc). Regardless, both programs have their uses. L2.NET is, hands down, much more capable in the scripting department (although L2W has made improvements to their scripting language recently), and it's a better program for private servers. I've made some pretty awesome s
  11. It's retail, and OOG works perfect with xzCrk. Does xzCrk spoof GG or something?