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  1. hum.. lets go start by Stucksub. Char with main+3+2. Wepons: 2x Dms+35 2x Dha+35 2x Hammer+35 2x Dyna bow+35 2x Dyna staff+35 ------------------ Armos: Dyna heavy set+25 Dyna light set+25 Dc robe set+25 Legency robe set+25 -------------------- Boss set. 4x Rb set+25. many ramdom items: wepons +30,set+20,jewels boss +20,+25,etc.. gold bars,wings,gold dragon etc... ______________________________________________________ Ken Owner server: dms+35 dyna bow+30 legency light set +10 'sh1t' and many jewels +20 'like baium,aq,zaken and tts