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  1. I can not thank Adam (Faken) enough for all the help he has provide me over the years, with Adrenaline issues as well as other Lineage 2 related questions. I don't like leaving reviews but this gentleman deserves it. If you ever need Adrenaline don't look anywhere else, trust me! Thank you Adam.
  2. This is probably the wrong section but here we go. Hi everyone this is my first post as you can tell. I was just wondering if anyone could answer me a simple question?! How in the world after a server is wipe down 3-4 days later you see players in vespers? And two weeks later with weapon +8 when the max is +12 (the servers I usually play are 15x). Like what is the secret? How can I do that? I first start playing l2 when it was interlude until gracia final, then I join the USMC in which leave me no time at all to play. But now Im back to HF. And is just insane to see this, in just few days. So here Im asking for help because honestly, I have no fucking idea on what Im suppose to do!!!!!