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  1. atm nearly all L2J have a ANTI Bot setup... uget banned in the moment u logg in so always use a test account to check.. I lost some accounts by just logging in "old " L2 Servers (working with L2W Bot 2Months ago) to check the latest L2 Upgrades...
  2. hi I played L2 retail from Beta til IL with up to 4 accounts full botting from 60- 78/79 when i left retail. This is how it works 1. be anonymous (no Clan, dont ever shout and make others hating u) 2. use INGAME L2W and watch the chars/client as often as u can. Use Spots with no Farmers (there are special Farmer/Botplaces to FARM items) try to be "alone". 3. Know how to setup L2W... f.i no autorezz, use auto-log off when ur char is dead and there are like 10 Musts for L2W adjustment) 4. Buy very cheap Accounts at min level 61 for like 50$ with some equipment...starting form zero is