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  1. ---Mod is sold with a binding on 1 computer I want to understand this before buying, I play with so many characters and didn't wanted to buy because of 1 character binding you had before. Does this mean I can Log into private servers without caring about the character I use? as long as I use the same computer? Is it bind by IP address? my country have dynamic IP addresses which change every 24 hours.. unless I have a business plan. In the main video you show some events like "spirit of shilien" with timer without target, that is cool, but Can you move that window or is it fixed to that position? Also which events or skills are you showing? can you please provide a list for that? Does this patch Include Olympiad Damage Counter or something like Deadz patch for Olympiads? Any video with a complete Olympiad fight I can check? Sorry for all these questions but (30 EUR) I loved the clean interface Great work.