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  1. Thank you for replying to me. =) But I still got the problem... After editing chargrp.dat to check if my texture is ok (I think it was FElf_m000_t00_m00_bh and the other one), while login in the game, it gave me Critical errors. This is odd, because in the FElf.utx, there are many haircolor textures, but in chargrp.dat, none of these textures appear. Where are they hiding ? And , I wanted to add new haircolors, not just override the older ones. Does someone knows how to ? =P Thanks ! EDIT: Yay, I think that I have found a way to do what I wanted ! But to be sure, I have
  2. Hi everyone, Since noone seems to be interested in changing the haircolor in L2, I'm starting this thread. \o I'd like to get some help, as i'm a total newbie, although i'm willful. Let me explain... I followed many of your guides and i finally got what i wanted : I photoshoped TGA files that i believed to be the ones for the hair i wanted to recolor (FElf_m002_t02_m00_ah_ori and FElf_m002_t02_m00_bh_ori). Then tried to make UTX file, but here i'm getting confused... Should I make one UTX file with the two TGA files, or one UTX for each TGA file ? And also... Is there any at