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  1. lolz!!! I saw with mu eyes. And today again aaaaaaaaaah
  2. HI guys! I need help with l2core server. I want some help with enchanting there. I have seen 1 guy how make +25 am with some hack with wh. So pls tell me how to use that hack cos i think he has seen from here but i can't find it. he says its top bug with wh.and he logged of Pls help me fast ... TNx
  3. HI all! I need help. Before 5 mins. i was SCAMMED again. I play in l2core.net server . One char trade me and we put items in trade,then he go ok and so and I. Then when i see my inventory my items were gone and soo and his items. now he have my items and his items. PLs tell me how he scammed me,programs,tutorials... PLease help me :( Tnx:H4ckM4ster
  4. i dl it.but don't know how to use it. pls some help. tNx
  5. Good server .. Now it have other customs.like:Vesper and dyn armor,vesper and epic weapons ........ And it isn't hard or bad server.. It is cool and fun.. For about 2-3 hours min. you will farm for armor and weapon...... And start pvping... Have FUN !!!
  6. Hi,,, i need help with creating my own l2 server. If someone can help me....plz any help is Good for me.. I need links from programs i need.... And some good guide from some gm(recomended) .. TNx ....
  7. HI all !! I nedd help with building my own l2 server(interlude). If someone can help me ?? i need links of programs (corect links)...and good guide (recomended from someone who have exp. how gm on other server).. Pls i need you'r help I want to create my own server.... Tnx :)
  8. hmmmm. i don't think so... and my friends have tried ...its same..... :((((((
  9. hey i have rpoblems with dl server when dl proces come to 37 % it stops :(((((((( plz some help tnx
  10. how to use jomla ???