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  1. Buff time changed is see, now i might continue playing :D
  2. Really great Server, stable and with good economy, join now, i hope to see you guys inside!
  3. Server is back better than ever join now!!! www.l2emotion.hostoi.com
  4. x500, and its not all the time like this.
  5. Server is up again, and changed. Dont get fooled by the rate you will gain 500% more exp. So in 1 hour you will be 80 lvl +.
  6. It will be good from now and on to disable replys on the server's posts. Theres a lot of people that likes to spread false rummors.
  7. My server is down for a day now and propably not going to be online again soon. I dont even had the chance to have a player online. MXC staff you must look at the people that spread false rummors around the forums.
  8. I am also recruiting gamemasters, for more info see here: http://www.l2emotionforum.smfnew.com/index.php?topic=8.0
  9. I added the forum link, visit this http://www.l2emotionforum.smfnew.com/index.php
  10. whats wrong with the website? I browse it fine...