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  1. I traded with gladie on 2 days ago, he need to deliver me 100kk worth (items and adena), he delivred only 25kk , the rest should be delivered yesterday. But after first partial delivery he dissapear. I understand that sometime u got rl problems, but lack off comunication I do not understand.I'll update post if/when he deliver.
  2. traded with him once, everything was fast and safe. i will do it again soon.
  3. price 0,6 e/1b paypal only pm here for info 58b in stock
  4. http://www.piotrzegar.eu/286/Lineage_2_Tower_1_0_1_4,en.html
  5. thank you middle for your help, fast and safe delivery.
  6. GOT aq,baium,tezza,zaken. Need aq,zaken,teza, etc. Only Lain system