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  1. Do you think that could work if you add a same lvl char as the raid boss in the party and let him the last hit ?
  2. Look foward SSH tunnelling and VPN (virtual private network), but it gets lil more complicated.
  3. They could have banned my IP, so i coulnt play my main char atm. Use sockifier application. You can find few on wiki page about "socks". Sockifier is also the name of the most popular app. But you say this is automatic ban for 2 days or ?
  4. And they didnt ban the ip... pff i guess they dont want to loose players lol. Or they give me.." another chance ". Well that suck, I will have to make friend with gm or remake 8 bots... This time behind socks, i wont make any more mistake on the way :) Wrong. I can connect any other account than the 8.
  5. If you are lucky with ur server, sometimes when you click mount, it transfer all items without penality, but doesnt work everywhere.
  6. Hey ppl, I did not see this exploit on the forum, its quite simple, i guess many ppl already know it. First buy the maximum quantity you can hold of the item you want to take. (Ex: 2000 mana potions) Now open your pet inventory, transfer a small amount of items (Ex: 1-100 mana potions) The item should transfer normally, after that transfer 1000 items (or any quantity that will not exeed pet weight in one shot) (Ex: 1-1500 potions) If it works, you will see items stacking and weight not moving. Also items wont disapear from inventory, but if you refresh window it goes b
  7. Hello ppl, I play on [look hidden notes], l2net bots run fine and I can still log with any account with it. But since this morning, 5AM -5GMT, my party of 8 bots have crashed out and doesnt want to login again. When i try to login any of the 8 accounts I get "login fail" on l2net and " Access Failed ; Please try again later " on lineage 2 game, it works with any other account. Also note that the area the bot were farming was a bit buggy, if you dropped any items there you could only pick up with l2net. So ? Are they ban ? Are they bugged ? If anyone know how t
  8. Share l2.net scripts :o I can't find any on the net :( edit: i found fews on http://ltwonet.com/
  9. Hmm, sorry but what are you talking about... There is not judgement in my posts... I don't know what you see as a judgment... I re-pmed maxtor with my receipt...
  10. wtf then, you think I'm lying about my payment lol ? I've sent 2 pms on forum to max last week and still cutejerry got donator before me and paid after ?
  11. Omg, I try to contact admin via his email on the website and it gave me a error message for non-existing ? I've also sent a message to the email adress I've send the payment and waiting for reply... I've also sent pms on forum. I got the paypal receipt and everyting, I'm waiting since July 24th for this donator account ! I hope an answer asap please.
  12. cutecutejery donated after me and he's donator and not me yet ? wtf ???
  13. It has been straight taken from my paypal account. I got the transaction ID.