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  1. Whatever...No time for me for that kind of things. From tommorow i work 12hours/day so bye bye life :(
  2. Just kidding mate relax.!! Oh.........I like dots......!!!! hehe I am afraid i am going to ruin this for you. But i would like to get related to them!! It is a chance earning more money :P
  3. Ohh......You are very smart.....I am their fairygodmother...!!! On the other hand maybe you are related to them.....and you write all that on purpose :)
  4. Ohhh.....sorry i missunderstood....:P Nobody....I like the site and i hope these guys do something good.....or at list something much better than the others.
  5. I am just type my opinion here...that is is not needed to know me at all ;)
  6. That is what i am saying....!!! I couldn't agree more...!!! I hope your server is better though... :P
  7. That is an html static site....yes it is the same theme but not wp
  8. As i said earlier...i don't care so much about it.... I care about creativity in the game.... Now i did a little search and i can't see anything like it. So i hope they have a good start in their!!!
  9. Personally speaking i do not care if a platform is used again or not. I care about the server...if it is trustable and have good stuff to work with the players so it will not close in 2-3 weeks as all the others.!!
  10. That doesn't mean it is ripped also dude. Maybe they buy it...who knows... But we cannot say things we don't know.
  11. Never saw it again.....Always spam idiots in here.
  12. All the administration team are terribly sorry for all that happened today in our server and we expres our apologies...!!! L][Erebus will be opened again 16:00 Gmt+2...!!! All characters will be deleted in order to bring the balance to the server again and to be more fair to all of you...!!! Many thx for your patience, L][Erebus Administration Team
  13. L][Erebus Administration Team announce you that normal opening of server will take place at Wednesday 20:00 Gmt+2...!!! Thank you for your patience!!! :D
  14. Thx a lot friend for your opinion. We would like also to inform you that the most important thing at the moment for us is the trustability of server for players in it and that we can quaranty that you can download safely the patch and see the features!! Web site is in primary condition for that reasons above and thats is the reason of its appearence at the moment.
  15. Dear friend none forced you to join the are free to do what ever you all Just stop spamming the topic plz Next time we will have to report you.