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  1. Ahh what are u saying bro? anyways anyone else i guess people dont think i should pay for cash but if u ask or NEED ill give if u dont id like a free sig of what ur able to make!
  2. Who says i dont donate? Man i donate all the time where i live theres alot of donation places, im always giving what i can afford to give. this is something else rofl dont know why u dont want the cash but its alright any Sigs?
  3. Rofl alright, either way what i said is what i said those are what im giving, if u win dont take the money ill give it to the rank under u
  4. True but as a buyer/requester i feel like i WANT to give $$ for the work people put into. It makes them focus more and learn how to make better sigs :D
  5. Shure does :P i feel like giving out some cash to people who put time for giving things to people is neccecery :D
  6. Nice nice im really liking the sig, im wondering if ur avaiable to make more if u can make view from the front and kinda you know make the picture look a bit more sexy. You got reallly nice skills.keep it up looking for more. About the money Its a prize if u win you can donate it to site/freind or keep it.
  7. Dont worry everyone who participats will get paid but there are prizes 1st 10$ 2nd 5 $ 3rd 2.50 $ Theme Sig I want a Se-xy girl not naked but like a really hot girl and i want her doing some type of thing with like smoke or sommin be creative but thats the main thing. .Gif will get a higher chance of being first. Put ur effort and dont rush if u want to become first I want XinX in the sig no warez or anything else just XinX I will pm who the winners are after 5-6 have been posted And for avatar i want a Canadian Hotty :D doing antyhi