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  1. My account have been used w/o my permission, someone got my pwd somehow. To clarify: I dont have skype, i dont know who is that dengo or whatver is spelled and i dont sell any vote system code. You just got scammed If it makes you feel better, you can ban me. i dont give a f*ck at all.
  2. You must disable gameguard force in both loginserver and gameserver configuration files
  3. If you are not going to give a gloval reward, and only want to give away what rb drops, just store in a list every player who gave damage (or maybe in a map with the damange amount). So, those who at least give X damage to raid, will enter in a randomized drop away. Abstract example: L2ItemInstance rewardDrop; List<L2PcInstance> playersWhoHitted; L2PcInstance randomPlayer = playersWhoHitted.get(Rnd.get(playersWhoHited.size())); randomPlayer.addItem("RB Random Drop", item, null, true);
  4. ill ask for money depending on how my work impact in the server population and so
  5. I offer myself as server developer (dunno, but lately i feel like i would enjoy working for a server). It must be interlude or lower chronicle, and server must be alredy working or in his way to be started (dont plan me to design you a server) Interested may pm me here or contact me at twitter Forget about payments by the moment
  6. <html> . . . <body background="imagename.extension"> . . . </body> </html>
  7. Priority just give to the JVM the order in which threads must be executed, from 1 (lower priority) to 10 (max priority). And dont confuse yourself with the configs name. That "urgent" is not supossed for a critical execution peek or smth, the config itself is just the IOPacket thread pool core size.
  8. dont confuse io and general packet thread pools with mmocore tasks
  9. bad configured, they will ruin your server well configured, wont be a big performance impact, in fact, server wont feel so much difference between default config and custom config. This is a little explanation: A thread pool is a "recipent" where threads are create to execute enqueued tasks (Runnable). As you see, first parameters talk about sizes. That size is the number of threads which are created and used to execute those tasks in each Thread pool L2J Server uses various thread pools: General thread pool: to execute general-purpose code IO Thread pool: to read from/write
  10. You must add imports yourself public final class CustomTeleport extends Quest { private static final String qn = "CustomTeleport"; private static final int X = 0; // Coordinate X from spawn; private static final int Y = 0; // " " Y " " private static final int Z = 0; // " " Z " " private static final int HEADING = 0; // Heading. Can be 0 private static final int NPC_ID = 0; // NPC which will be used as teleport private static final String HTML_TELEPORTED = "<html><title>Custom Teleport</title><center><br>You are being teleported to