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  1. 5 hours left for the Grand Opening, download our patch from here: https://l2summerpvp.com/downloads.html
  2. 2Days remaining for our server. You get free items, you fight to get enchanted by PvP'ing, you kill raid to get accessories. The best server for Summer conditions
  3. Are you ready for the best interlude summer experience ? L2Summer-PvP is here! Opening at 12/6 20:00 GMT+2 Get Free Custom Items Fight your enemies to get Enchanted ( From +16 to +25 ) Farm for Custom Accessories/Tattoos Site: http://l2summerpvp.com SERVER RATES XP/SP: x9999 Safe Enchant: +3 Maximum Enchant: +25 Maximum with Blassed: +12 Maximum with Crystal: +18 Maximum with PVP's: +25 (PvP zone, Party zone, Raid zones) Enchant Chance: 65% Blessed Enchant Chance: 100% Crystal Scroll Enchant Chance: 80% On break -1 Enchant